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Joe MENDES - Music is the Answer - Official Site


JOE MENDES, Dj remixeur-producer, is very quickly selected to make dance the gotha of the world cinema at the time as of evenings of the CANNES FILM FESTIVAL.


Red carpet of the Palace of the festivals to the sumptuous villas and yachts, it has there only one step that JOE MENDES crossed easily, until becoming one of the references of the nights residents of Cannes.


He is also the resident of MUSIC NRJ AWARDS in Cannes or he shares platinums with many artists such as C2C or BIG ALI.


Following the competition of DJ organized by Fun Radio it is located by Djs ANTOINE CLAMARAN and LAURENT WOLF.


June 19th, 2009 it becomes Dj resident of the Dance radio program the most listened in EUROPE: PARTY FUN on Fun Radio.



Since 2009 and its arrived on Fun Radio, the events and the dates are connected, of the STARFLOOR in Paris Bercy, with FIRE MIX PARTY with Tignes in front of more than 30,000 people, Joe MENDES shares from now on his platinums with the largest DJ of planet, of Antoine CLAMARAN to DAVID GUETTA.


In club, the sets of Joe MENDES are a double mixture of Hits Dancefloor and more required sounds resulting from sound podcast “MUSIC IS THE ANSWER”, which joins together each month several thousands of Net surfers.


Following its last title “Stay Tonight” he traverses France with his Show “Music Is The Answer” which joins together Glamour and the evenings Connected of St-Tropez.


Currently, it extends its career with the international one while being resident FG the RADIO OPERATOR USA - MEXICO and in partnership with TOP DJ TV what enables him to occur in MIAMI.


In radio promotion currently, its last title “You' Re Alive” Feat Laial.



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